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A router’s lights indicate the status of the device and the network. Most of the time, we see those lights blinking or solid, but it’s important to understand the meaning behind their color and behavior (solid or blinking).

A good example is the Xfinity router blinking orange. This technical issue is quite common, and the light colors on the Xfinity products are universal, making a set of solutions more streamlined.

We will discuss six quick solutions to attend to this bothersome blinking orange light problem in this post.

Why Is My Xfinity Router Blinking Orange?

Before trying to fix it, it is important to understand what a blinking orange light on your Comcast Xfinity modem and router means.

If your Xfinity router is blinking orange, there’s no signal going to the modem. The modem should go from orange to green then white. Alternatively, there can also be a problem with the firmware update.

How to Fix the Blinking Orange Light on Your Xfinity Router

If your Xfinity router is blinking orange, you need to wait for the update to finish, reboot or reset the router, make sure all wired connections are secure, or contact customer support.

Check out these steps to fix the blinking orange light on your Comcast Xfinity modem for more details.

  1. Allow Update to Complete
  2. Make Sure All Wired Connections Are Secure
  3. Power Cycle Your Router
  4. Reset Your Router
  5. Try an Ethernet Connection
  6. Check for Xfinity Outage in Your Area
  7. Contact Xfinity Support

Since the orange light indicates connectivity issues and firmware updates, the product may be updating its core functionality features to perform more efficiently. This will address any problems found and reported in the past update period.

The biggest hurdle with this approach is that it relies on faith that the orange light blinking is a sign of an update, as there are no other indicators on the product to display a confirmation of that.

If the update is, in fact, ongoing, the solution is a matter of waiting, but if after a half hour, there have been no changes and the blinking orange persists, the issue is likely something else.

While it is common for people to skip this step, it is important to do so if possible since firmware updates are crucial for your device to work properly.

Interrupting them in the middle of their installation is also not ideal and can have unpredictable consequences for the equipment.

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2. Make Sure All Wired Connections Are Secure

Wiring is notoriously unreliable. It can degrade performance over time, and accidental movements can knock them out of place.

The lack of connectivity might be as simple as checking the wires to ensure that they are fully and securely connected to the equipment when the orange light is blinking.

Some individuals run wiring to the equipment across their home, which requires splitting the connection of the signal. Ensure that all wiring on the modem or router is secure, then check any connections.

The ethernet cable is one of the main wirings to inspect for loose connection or potential damage. The pins at the plug portion of the wires sometimes get loose or bent, rendering the wire unable to establish a full connection.

If the pins look secure, inspect the wire to ensure no breaks or stray potions affecting performance.

3. Power Cycle Your Router

One of the quickest ways to resolve any connectivity issue is to power cycle the equipment. It might sound confusing, but it simply means you need to unplug and reconnect the modem or router.

To cover all bases, unplug the wire from both the wall outlet and the device. Then plug it back in and allow the equipment to run all its necessary initialization protocols, which should take one to two minutes. Wait for a green light to display on the equipment. If it doesn’t proceed to the next step.

4. Reset Your Router

You might need to reset your modem or router if rebooting didn’t solve the issue. This will reset it to factory defaults and should fix any software or firmware problems that may cause the problem.

To reset your modem or router, press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, release the button and wait for the device to reboot.

After it has restarted, see if the orange light is still flickering. If it is, we’ve got more fixes to try before contacting Comcast for help.

5. Try an Ethernet Connection

If you need to be online but cannot resolve your modem issue, you can try a solution that involves bypassing the modem.

Simply put, you need to unplug the ethernet wire from your modem and connect it directly to your computer’s ethernet port.

If the issue is with the modem, taking it out of the equation should grant users internet access to do what they need to do while the equipment issue is addressed.

6. Check for Xfinity Outage in Your Area

If the plugging of the ethernet cable does not establish a connection, the modem or router is not the issue. There’s no signal going through the wiring, which indicates an outage local to the user’s area. Unfortunately, that means the issue at play is out of your hands.

Using your phone’s mobile data (since WiFi won’t be available), you will need to navigate to Xfinity’s website and locate any information about outages local to your area.

The outage maps are intuitive and easy to use. Several websites track outages where you can find if one exists in your area with your zip code or town location. If this is the case, the only thing to do is wait for services to come back up.

Contacting Xfinity support should be the last step if nothing else above, explain or fix the connectivity issue by the orange blinking light on your Xfinity router.

This might mean the equipment has had internal damage or malfunction and needs to be replaced. This can happen even if the device is somewhat new because of faulty manufacturing.

Therefore, you should not take this into account when determining whether equipment damage is not a potential issue.

Xfinity offers phone and chat support with techs standing by to help 24/7. The quality of help received will depend on the tech. Most often, if they cannot help you and you have tried every other solution, you will need to replace the equipment.

In that case, Xfinity will work with you to set up an appointment for an on-site tech to come and replace your equipment or have you pick up a new modem at one of their many service centers around the country.

Wrap-Up: Xfinity Router Blinking Orange

It’s frustrating when your Xfinity router is blinking orange. Try our tips above to fix this problem before contacting Xfinity support.

Here is a summary of the tips you’ve learned in this guide:

  • Allow for the upgrade to complete
  • Make sure all wired connections are secure
  • Reboot your router
  • Reset your router
  • Try an Ethernet connection
  • Check for Xfinity outage in your area
  • Contact Xfinity support

I hope this assisted you in fixing the Xfinity router blinking orange. If you fixed the problem with any other solution, please share it in the comments section.

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