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With Comcast’s Xfinity Internet service, you can access the Internet onlaptops, tablets, and smartphones from virtually anywhere. However, there are instances when your Xfinity router needs troubleshooting to fix any issues with the connection. This article will explain the reasons for the Xfinity router is blinking orange and how you can resolve this issue with ease.

Home routers are normally easy to install but the indication light often confuses people. And that is the same case with Xfinity routers. They come with different indicator lights which indicate different things. But if you are a new user you won’t know what each light means. Thus, if orange or a red light appears it might scare you making you think something might be wrong with the device.

In this guide, we will try to cover key information about the indicator lights and why the Xfinity router is blinking orange. We will also cover some fixes that you might try in order to make your router work normally again.

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Why is my Xfinity Product Blinking Orange?

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The router blinks orange while a firmware update is going on in the device. It is pretty common and once the update is finished the orange light stops blinking. The average time you should wait before taking any action is 15 to 20 minutes. However, if the blinking doesn’t stop after this time there might be some issues that you need to tackle.

If your Comcast Xfinity router is blinking orange, you may be experiencing a problem with your router or modem. Here are some possible explanations for this issue:

– Your power source to the device may be too low, causing it to blink orange. If this is the case, try plugging it into a different outlet or wall socket.

– You may have too many devices plugged in at one time which causes an overload and slows down your connection speeds. Try unplugging any other devices that are not in use.

Some other reasons are given below so that you can have a good idea of why you are facing this issue in the first place.

Reason #1 – Wireless Setting Disabled

It’s possible that the wireless setting has been disabled on the modem. To make sure this is not the case, go to the Wireless settings page and make sure it shows as Enabled. If it’s disabled, toggle it to Enabled. You may need to power cycle your modem after enabling wireless for it to work correctly.

If you are still having issues with your connection, try disabling and re-enabling both Wireless security and Wireless channels on your router. These two steps can be found under Settings -> Security -> Wireless Security (or WPA/WPA2) and Settings -> Advanced -> Channel.

Before any changes, please note down all passwords so you can input them back if needed. If you are still having issues after enabling wireless, it’s possible that your router is not communicating with your modem. If you have a different network device that connects to Wi-Fi, like a phone or laptop, try connecting them to your router and see if they can connect wirelessly.

But, if they cannot connect, there is likely an issue with your router. If they can connect normally, there may be something wrong with your modem. In that case, contact Comcast customer service for further assistance.

Reason #2 – Cable or DSL Modem Initialization Error

After turning on the power button, if you see an orange light in the modem, this means that the cable or DSL modem is not functioning properly. It could be because your internet service provider has not yet activated your service. In this case, contact your ISP and ask them to activate it. If you are using a wireless router, there may be a problem with yourWifisignal.

Reason #3 – Ethernet Cable Unplugged

One common reason why your Xfinity router is blinking orange is a loose or unplugged ethernet cable. Your modem needs to be connected to the internet for it to work. If you are using an ethernet cable, make sure that the cord is plugged securely into both your modem and the wall port.

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, make sure that your wireless device is within range of the router as well. You should also confirm that no obstructions are blocking either the modem’s or the Wi-Fi router’s signal.

Reason #4 – Physical Switch Not Engaged

The most common reason for the light to be orange is that the physical switch on the back of your modem is not engaged. This means that there’s no electrical connection between your modem and router. To fix this, turn off your power to the modem by unplugging it from the wall outlet, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in.

Wait a few more seconds before turning it back on and seeing if it has turned green or blue again. If you don’t want to do this every time you reboot your network equipment. A quick solution would be to purchase and install a wireless switch so you can easily turn everything on at once with one button press.

If the light remains orange after doing all these steps, it could be because the firmware update failed. You’ll need to call customer service to request an additional technician visit so they can replace your faulty hardware.

Reason #5 – Device Updates

The main reason why the Xfinity router is blinking orange light is that it is going through a firmware update which can take up a lot of time. In these cases, we recommend you wait for the update to complete and then restart your device.

How to fix blinking orange light on router?

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Anyone can face such issues no matter why they are occurring. But it is important that you know how you can solve them without taking any professional help. Below we will cover some ways which will allow you to get rid of the orange light on your router.

Wait for updates

The first thing that you should do is wait. Since the main reason for the orange light to appear is the firmware update. It can take some time to complete; thus, wait for 15 to 20 minutes or half an hour because sometimes it can take longer. And after that, the blinking should disappear on its own.

If it does that means that there is nothing wrong with your router. But if the blinking continues for a long time try using other methods to solve this issue. Plus, keep in mind not to turn off your router while the update is going on as it can corrupt the software updates; hence, your router.

Try Resetting your router

Another thing you can try is resetting your device. It is a way that can solve most of the issues thus it is a must-try method. The reset process is pretty simple. All you need to do is disconnect all the devices that your router is connected to. Hen unplug it from any power source and wait for a couple of minutes.

After that plug in the power cable again and wait for the router to turn on. If you see the Xfinity router blinking white it means that your router is on and ready to work again. Connect all the devise that you want to use with the router and you are good to go.

Some routers also come with a reset button. Thus, you can use a sharp pin or any other object to hold down the reset button for a couple of seconds. Then once the device reboots check for the indicator lights and chances are that the orange blinking will be gone by then.

Check the cables

Sometimes the router starts blinking orange because the cables that you are using might be either damaged or too loose to maintain a stable connection. Check all the connections and make sure that they are sturdy and that all the cables are in proper condition. Plus, if there are bends, abrasions, or cuts on the cables, you should try to fix them and then use them with the router and that might solve the issue.

Check or remove the Splitter

A splitter is a device that many people use to connect the main internet cable to the router. It weakens the signals so the first thing I will recommend is to get rid of it altogether and connect the cable directly to your router.

However, if you don’t want to do it try replacing the splitter as that might be causing the signal issue with the router. Due to this, the Xfinity router is blinking orange light.

Use Xfinity app

Another reason for the orange blinking can be the service outage in your area. This causes signal interruption and thus, not allows the router to work properly. To check if you are facing this issue you can use the Xfinity app. The process is simple just disconnect your phone from the WiFi and start using your mobile data instead.

Then open your Xfinity app, log into your account and go to the My Network option. After that take a look at the indication circle if you are seeing orange that means there was a service outrage thus that might cause the orange blinking.

Contact the customer service

The last option is to contact Comcast customer service. If no other methods work for you and your router is still blinking the orange light you might then contact customer service and ask for them a solution and they might be able to help you.

Why do I have slow internet speed?

If your internet speed is slow, many reasons could be the culprit. One reason is that you might be using too many devices at once on your network and they’re competing with one another for bandwidth.

Another reason could be that the router isn’t in a good spot to receive the signal. It can be fixed by moving it closer to the modem or putting it higher up. However, if none of these is your issue and you still aren’t getting a fast enough connection, then try resetting your router.

To do this simply unplug the power cord from your modem and plug it back in after about 30 seconds have passed. This will restart the device and should give you better internet speed.

Why is my Xfinity modem blinking yellow?

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With Comcast’s Xfinity Internet service, you can access the Internet on laptops, tablets, and smartphones from virtually anywhere. However, there are instances when your Xfinity router needs troubleshooting to fix any issues with the connection.

It’s important to know the different reasons for a blinking yellow light on your Xfinity modem. A yellow light is usually caused by a loose or unplugged cable. So check your connections to make sure all are plugged in firmly and that none are loose.

If you’ve checked for any loose cables but still have a flashing yellow light, restart the cable modem by unplugging it from power for 15 seconds and plugging it back in. You might also see this light if there’s an issue with your internet connection. This is usually due to something blocking the signal or too many devices connected to Wi-Fi at one time.

Why is the Xfinity router blinking blue?

The reason why the Xfinity router is blinking blue is that the router is looking to make a connection with wireless devices. The blue light appears when the router is in the WPS pairing mode. And once the connection is made the light changes to white light. This means that the connection is stable and secure to use now.


Possible reasons for the blinking orange light on your Xfinity router include a power outage, loose cables, ongoing updates, or Internet connectivity issues. If your router is blinking orange and green, please call Comcast Support if the above-given methods are not solving the issue. If you’re experiencing a power outage, the modem will blink yellow after it has been plugged back in.

To check if there are connectivity issues with your Internet service provider, please contact them directly by phone or chat to have them perform a network diagnosis. You can also use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to the modem and then restart it. Make sure that all cables are securely connected and reboot your devices one at a time until you find out which device is causing the problem.

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